A Long Overdue Update

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Hi readers,

This blog post is for those interested in my real life and how things are going.

My blog has been very quiet, and I feel like I owe you an explanation.

Most of 2023 has been therapy for my depression and suicidal issues. Sadly, this along with work takes a lot of time and energy, so I didn’t have any energy left for labbing or writing blog posts. I have really been lacking there, my apologies for that. 2024 I’m starting off stronger. Let it be still in therapy and without a job, and sometimes with depressive thoughts, however those thoughts are a lot easier to handle nowadays. I still have my dips, but no more self-harm, no more other suicidal tendencies.

With losing my job, I had to greatly downscale my lab. I still have one server in a shared colo, plus two servers from Hetzner. This is my lab now, with a server located in The Netherlands, Germany and Finland. This should make for some interesting scenarios to test. I have also been thinking of making a video series on my lab. How it’s set up, how everything is connected, etc.

I hope that will be interesting. And that even though this is a short post, the update is still appreciated.

I see a good 2024 ahead of me with more homelab posts to come.

Thanks for reading!