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What it is like to have your own IPv6 and IPv4 space

November 28, 2019 | HE | No Comments

Hey everyone,

As some of you know, I have my own IPv4 and IPv6 subnet, along with my own Autonomous System Number, in my case AS208751.

I am not a LIR (Local Internet Registry, you can read more about that here.) myself, so I had to get a sponsoring LIR to request my ASN. Once that was taken care off, I got myself a /44 IPv6 subnet, and a /24 IPv4 subnet.

As I am writing this, the RIPE NCC announced here that they ran out of IPv4 addresses, so I hope that the price that I pay for it does not get too high, otherwise I will have to let go of it.

It is an adventure, at least for me, to get it working. Especially BGP, as I had rarely worked with that before (I did in a GNS3 lab environment), but it’s different when you are peering with actual companies. (In my case, Hurricane Electric and Choopa LLC.)

Hurricane Electric provides a free BGP tunnel for IPv6, and Vultr provides a free dualstack BGP when you get a VPS with them.

I’ve managed to set it all up, and as you can see here, it’s all working!

I use frr on Ubuntu Server to set it up and it works fine. For encapsulation, I use a mix of GRE, as well as Foo over UDP with GRE in it. (The latter is thanks to a firmware bug in my ISP’s modem.)

Sometimes I watch the traffic, and see lots of ports being scanned. Especially from Shodan and Censys scanners. But also from AWS/Azure/GCP instances and servers in China and Russia.

Currently, I am trying to get it to work so I can use some IPs with NSX-T’s Tier 0 routers. This is something that I am still working on and will make a blog post later once I’m done working on that. (this idea worked and I have now abandoned it.)

That marks the end of this post, thank you for reading it and see you all for the next post.

HE Sage Certification

July 26, 2019 | Certification, HE, IPv6, Networking | No Comments

Hi readers,

This post will be all about Hurricane Electric their IPv6 certifications.

Myself, I recently got the Sage certifications (currently waiting for my shirt to be delivered) and I learned a lot from it.

There are different levels of the certifications. You have practical questions, where you have to setup IPv6 on your server, and you have technical tests, which consists of technical questions about IPv6.

IPv6 is importan. IPv4 is getting exhausted. IANA already allocated all of the IPs that it can. (without having to do a major re-vamp of the internet, for example, having to allow -currently a reserved address space, former class E network-, would require a major update for all of the infrastructure, so this won’t happen most likely.)

It is important that more people learn about IPv6 and that it becomes adopted widely, as it won’t take long before all RIRs do not have any IPs left. (Like ARIN).

As a bonus, if you get the Sage certification, you get a shirt!

Thank you for reading this and I hope that you will enjoy the HE IPv6 certification as much as I did.

Thank you for reading.

IPv6 and BGP adventure

July 18, 2019 | BGP, HE, Networking | No Comments

Hi readers,

This post will be about my ‘adventure’ of getting my own AS number, IPv6 subnet, and peering with Hurricane Electric to announce my IPv6 subnet over a 6to4 tunnel.

I started to chat with someone on Discord about getting my own IPv6 subnet. They’re not that expensive. I got mine from SnapServ. I purchased a /44 IPv6 subnet and an Autonomous System Number.

After having successfully set-up a 6to4 tunnel with Hurricane Electric before, I decided to sign up for a BGP tunnel, so I can use my own IP address space.

I got my ASN and /44 subnet from SnapServ. A /44 IPv6 subnet is 16 /48 subnets, and the /44 is that smallest that they had. It’s very affordable.

My AS currently peers with Hurricane Electric. Though this may change soon, as their support has been ignoring my tickets, twice. There is an update of that coming later.

Currently I’m getting packet drops from their tunnel… So we will see how it goes.

For now: made two tickets, got ignored on both my their support staff.

To be updated..