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  • What it is like to have your own IPv6 and IPv4 space

    Hey everyone, As some of you know, I have my own IPv4 and IPv6 subnet, along with my own Autonomous System Number, in my case AS208751. I am not a LIR (Local Internet Registry, you can read more about that here.) myself, so I had to get a sponsoring LIR to request my ASN. Once […]

  • HE Sage Certification

    Hi readers, This post will be all about Hurricane Electric their IPv6 certifications. Myself, I recently got the Sage certifications (currently waiting for my shirt to be delivered) and I learned a lot from it. There are different levels of the certifications. You have practical questions, where you have to setup IPv6 on your server, […]

  • IPv6 and BGP adventure

    Hi readers, This post will be about my ‘adventure’ of getting my own AS number, IPv6 subnet, and peering with Hurricane Electric to announce my IPv6 subnet over a 6to4 tunnel. I started to chat with someone on Discord about getting my own IPv6 subnet. They’re not that expensive. I got mine from SnapServ. I […]