Category: Security

  • VMware Security Announcement VMSA-2021-0010 CVSSv3 score range 6.5 to 9.8

    Hi everyone, An urgent post for anyone on vCenter 6.5, 6.7 or 7.0! NOTE: The information below is a snapshot of the VMSA-2021-0010 page, and this page may not be updated anymore after the post. For the latest information, I redirect you to the VMSA-2021-0010 link. UPDATE: VMware just made a blog post with advise, […]

  • Hilltop CTF – Writeups

    Hi everyone, A blog post on a different topic this time. I was a Content Engineer for the Hilltop CTF event. Write-up for the Fuzz challenge. Challenge name: Fuzz Creator: MasterWayZ Category: Analysis/Fuzzing Summary: The user is given a URL to look at: How-To: Using a program like gobuster, we can try to see […]