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  • VMware Security Announcement VMSA-2021-0010 CVSSv3 score range 6.5 to 9.8

    Hi everyone, An urgent post for anyone on vCenter 6.5, 6.7 or 7.0! NOTE: The information below is a snapshot of the VMSA-2021-0010 page, and this page may not be updated anymore after the post. For the latest information, I redirect you to the VMSA-2021-0010 link. UPDATE: VMware just made a blog post with advise, […]

  • VMware Cloud Foundation – Part 2: Upgrading

    Hello readers, This is part two of my VMware Cloud Foundation series. In this part, we will be upgrading all components to the latest version. At the time of writing 3.9 is the latest version and currently I am running 3.8. In part one, we have done a bring-up on our SDDC, creating and deploying […]

  • Highlighting PowerVCF

    Hi readers, This will be a short post. However, I want to take my time now and highlight a new creation from Gary Blake, Giuliano Bertello and Brandon Willmott called PowerVCF. PowerVCF is, as from their GitHub page: “PowerVCF is a PowerShell Module for interacting with the VMware Cloud Foundation (SDDC Manager) public API.” It […]

  • VMware Cloud Foundation – Part 1: Deploying management domain with VLC

    Hello readers, In this part, we will be deploying VMware Cloud Foundation in a nested environment using vCF Lab Constructor, which you can read more about here. TLDR: it is a PowerShell script designed to automatically deploy vCF along with the management Workload Domain (WLD). VCF Lab Constructor (aka VLC) is a great PowerShell tool […]

  • VMware Cloud Foundation – Part 0: Testing

    Hi readers, Currently, I temporarily have access to a server with enough memory to run a Cloud Foundation lab until January 2nd 2020. This gave me the inspiration to build a Cloud Foundation lab and tinker around with it, along with tinkering with an automatic lab deployment script called VLC (VCF Lab Constructor). This is […]