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Hi everyone,

Here is how I upgraded my NSX-T deployment from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1.

If you tried to in-place update a NSX-T Host that has multiple host switches, you will get an error. You can use this trick to get around this limitation.

First, we log into the NSX-T Manager, and go to the Upgrade tab under system. Here, we upload the file and continues with the upgrade.
We upgrade like normal until we get on the hosts tab. We SSH into the host and we first visit this URL: http://:8080/repository/metadata/manifest
This file contains the link to the zip file that we need to wget in /tmp on the ESXi host. Then we run:

esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/

Once the installation finishes, we refresh the Hosts tab and then we can continue onto the management nodes, and from there we can continue has normal.

However, once the upgrade finishes, you will need to F5 (sometimes CTRL F5 or CTRL R) the page so the error goes away.

Thank you for reading this quick post and I hope that it was useful to you.

Moved from NSX-T back to NSX-V

December 4, 2019 | NSX-T, NSX-V, VMware | No Comments

Hi everyone,

This post will be out about me moving back from NSX-T to NSX-V due to weird deploying issues.

NSX-V is no longer being developed, so this has caused me to try to migrate to the new NSX-T, however I moved back to NSX-V when my NSX-T Edge nodes started to fail. The Geneve tunnels to the ESXi host randomly started to stop working and asking on the VMTN NSX forums did not work either as I got no response after four days and I needed my virtual networking to work again, so I figured that it would be easier to migrate back to NSX-V until I reinstall ESXi on the host.

After that issue, I attempted to remove the Edge and redeploy it, however the deployment failed, the OVF deployment never made it to 1% or higher and it eventually times out. I tried to reinstall the NSX-T Manager as well as vCenter but that did not work sadly. (When I wanted to deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager using the ISO did not work either but directly deploying the OVA through vCenter did work. Though, deploying the NSX-V Controller and Edges did work, very odd.)

For now, I am back on NSX-V and it is all working fine. I will try to use NSX-T again when I reinstall ESXi on the physical host in the future as the install has been broken a few times and went through a lot of migrations and upgrades.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in the next post which will be about easy PowerCLI scripts to help migrating VMs around.