Category: NSX-T

  • NSX-T Data Center: Tier 0 Router not showing up in VPN Service dropdown

    Hi everyone, In this post, I want to highlight an issue I had. I wanted to create a VPN Service, connected to a Tier 0 gateway. But none of my tier 0 gateways would show up. I couldn’t find any information on this, not even in the documentation (it’s well hidden and unless you know […]

  • In-place upgrading a NSX-T ESXi Host with multiple host switches.

    Hi everyone, Here is how I upgraded my NSX-T deployment from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1. If you tried to in-place update a NSX-T Host that has multiple host switches, you will get an error. You can use this trick to get around this limitation. First, we log into the NSX-T Manager, and go to the Upgrade […]

  • Moved from NSX-T back to NSX-V

    Hi everyone, This post will be out about me moving back from NSX-T to NSX-V due to weird deploying issues. NSX-V is no longer being developed, so this has caused me to try to migrate to the new NSX-T, however I moved back to NSX-V when my NSX-T Edge nodes started to fail. The Geneve […]