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  • My experience with the VMC on AWS Guided Hands-On Workshop

    Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I have posted here. An update on what has been going on will follow soon, however, this post will be about my experience with the VMC on AWS Guided Hands-On Workshop I took as part of a VMUG. I have to say, overall it went pretty good. This […]

  • VMC on AWS interest sheet

    Hello reader, For a while I’ve been having an idea for an offering I have not been able to find anywhere. Currently, if you want to pay for VMware Cloud on AWS through a credit card, you have to pay $2000 up-front which expires after 60 days. Not everyone can do this, so this is […]

  • VMC on AWS – HCX – Site Pairing and interconnect

    Hi, In this post, we’ll be talking about setting up a Site Pair and interconnect with HCX, between your on-prem datacenter and your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC. Video version here. Written version: In this post, we are going to create a Site Pair in HCX and an interconnect. Like the name suggests, a site […]

  • VMC on AWS – HCX – Deployment

    Hi everyone, In this blog post, we will be going over how to deploy HCX on both your VMware on AWS SDDC and also on-prem. So what exactly is HCX? One of the main features of HCX is stretching networks between on-prem and your VMC on AWS SDDC. (It does not have to specifically be […]