Category: vSphere

  • Allow unsupported CPUs when upgrading/installing ESXi 7.0 (updated 10022020)

    Hi everyone, Here’s a quick tip for the home lab people with old servers that can’t afford to get new hardware (like me). It seems like that you can override the installer terminating when an unsupported CPU is detected. What you need to do, is when booting from the ESXi ISO, press SHIFT+O, and type […]

  • ESXi with TPS: more (shared) memory for your homelab

    Hi everyone, This post will be about a nice trick I learned to get the maximum out of your VMware Homelab. TPS, or Transparent Page Sharing, is a function where, in short, multiple identical virtual memory pages are pointing to the same page within the memory of the host. Here is a whitepaper that goes […]

  • Adding a static route to ESXi

    Hi readers, This short post will be about how I had to set-up a static route on ESXi to my VPN subnet. My setup is as follows: I have an ESXi server in DC1, and a ESXi server at home. The Home ESXi server has vCenter and vRealize Operations Manager on it. My goal was […]