IRL Update April 8th 2022 – A job!

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In this post I’ll be giving some updates about myself; I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and things are starting to settle down and good things are starting to happen.

Lots of things have happened; here are some updates:

First of all, as you probably read in the title, I have a job now! Well, I actually have my own company, but I am an IT contractor for some hours a week at a tech company which is working out great so far, I also rent out some services over at MMG ICT for those interested.

Other than that, I have officially started HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) which is a major step in my transition. I’ve also turned 20 on March 29th so I can officially say that I am in my 20s now!

These are great things that I wanted to share, of course the VMware posts will return but I’ve had a very hectic couple of months.

The unwanted side-effects are already kicking is, such as being dizzy, tired, and very sensitive breasts. But specially with the latter it means that it is working!

Thank you for reading this quick update 🙂

Until the next post!