IRL Update Feb 5th 2022 – Hospital, transition, job, lab

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Happy new year! Even though I am 35 days late for that.

This post will be broken up into several sections, but as you can read from the title this is a real life situation update. For those who just come here for the lab update; I wanted to say that I have a dedicated post for that in the works.

Hospital and transition updates

I no longer have monthly hospital visits at the psychiatry department. I have been approved for further treatments and have been forwarded internally to the gynecologist who will be the person responsible for the main medical transition track (think of hormones, but also additional mental/medical assistance if required, but also forwarding to a surgeon for any surgeries if desired/required).

My in-take appointment there is on February 16th so I am very excited about that!

Job updates

I have decided to create my own company and do IT contracting work. I just got the legal stuff set-up a couple of days ago.

I have one flexible-hour contract with a company in the working, however it does leave space for more should someone and I want to fill that space.

The kind of work I’d be looking for can either be training or consulting, I really enjoy working with virtualization, the VMware products that I can actually use (like most self-hosted ones) and of course servers and networking, but that’s limited with how much you can do in a full-remote setting.

I’ll see how the company works out, however for now I have not started yet on an actual contract but in 6 months or so I’ll post another update.

Lab updates

My lab has been upgraded in terms of compute and I will make a brand new blog post about this dedicated to the ins and outs of my lab, this will be coming in the future (and linked here if I remember).

Thanks for reading!