IRL updates: monthly hospital visits and transition news

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Good day everyone,

This post is more of a personal update on how things are going with me, where I am in my transition and why I haven’t made as many blog posts.

So I’ve been busy with getting things settled with the hospital that is going to eventually give me my hormones among with making sure I can get other treatments I may need/want for my transition.

This is going well so far. Actually last month or this month (April or May) I came out as trans to my grandparents and aunt and uncle. They took it well to my biggest surprise, my grandparents was the biggest worry along with my uncle. But this all went well, no split up family so that’s good.

My grandpa was the major concern on how he’d take it, with my uncle in second place. My grandma, with her dementia getting much worse, very quick, she no longer has the mental ability to think of that or even realize it. So I just let her call me Michael, as she’s sadly too far gone mentally to understand to call me Michelle, or even if she can do that, then she probably won’t be able to remember anyway. I miss her and how she used to be, she has been getting much worse since the end of 2019.

Next week, the first week of June I need to go to the hospital again and hopefully I’ll get some good news! I’m getting closer.

Also I’m still working on my blog of course and on content for it, but it’s going a lot slower because of all the real life stress with the family issues, my adventure to transition and the monthly hospital visits.

I hope that this update is useful to some of you at least.

See you in the next post!