Life update 25/07/2023

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Hi readers,

Some of you have been messaging me where I have been. Well, life’s been an adventure. The next post will be a technical one, however this post will be limited to real life shenanigans.

Back in April while I was on a trip to Berlin, I had a good friend reach out to me and asked if I wanted to come over. Now this friend lives in the United States, I live in The Netherlands. Personally I wanted to as well, but there were some.. logistical issues to overcome. Luckily they were easily tackled (planes exist 🙂 ) and I booked a flight over to his place in early May. There was about a two week gap between me returning from Berlin and leaving again for the US.

We had a great time over in the US, and I can safely say that he’s my boyfriend now 🎉

I was there for about 50 days before I returned back home.

Unfortunately, when I returned my depression got a lot (and I meant a lot worse). This ended up needing a lot of phone calls and ultimately a call to what we call the “crisisdienst”, which is usually the number your doctor calls when you are starting to get suicidal thoughts. After some fights with myself I opened myself up to give the Dutch Healthcare System™ another chance, after they let me down constantly over the previous six years. Currently, I have some appointments left with them, however I was given some medication that are actually helping in the sense that I see hope again, and I can more easily focus on things (and handle certain triggers better).

So, I’m still a ways away from being 100% how I used to be over seven years ago, however the first steps are being made. This is also been why my blog (and lab for that matter too) has been so quiet.

Thank you for reading, until next time!