Lost my job and A New Chapter

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December 31st sadly marks my last day with Mozilla. My fixed-term contract is not getting renewed, so I have had to severely downsize the lab. I will give that its own post and possible video series, however, on this post I wanted to post an update about me.

I’ve given Lentis, a mental healthcare provider in The Netherlands, a second chance and for now things are going better with me. Even though I’m in a bunch of medication, -four to be exact-, I do feel better and can focus better on things.

This, shortly put, means:

  • I no longer deal with feeling suicidal
  • I still deal with dysphoric feelings, but way less severe
  • Due to financial issues with losing my job, I can not afford my extensive lab, so I have had to downsize everything a lot
  • On a more positive note, I can focus better on my transition and personal health, not that I don't have a 40-hour-minimum a week job to deal with

Thank you for reading this. In 2024 I plan to blog way more, especially about my new lab! It exists of just four hosts, set apart in two different countries, but it brings its own fun and challenges with it.

Until next year!

  • Michelle