Update: Life, school, HE Sage and VMUG Advantage

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the quietness. As you might have noticed, I deleted the blog posts relating to the VMware Horizon Lab setup. I did this because I felt like it was poorly written and I was never able to finish it.

Here is an update that has been pending for a while.

I no longer go to school at this point, and should be getting an appointment for hormone therapy in about 10 or 11 months from writing this blog post. I try to learn myself things with the resources I have, but because of a major lack of money it’s hard. For networking lessons I use GNS3, and VMware NSX. Recently I learned how to set up OSPF in with GNS3 (Cisco equipment) and in NSX (using the ESG). I will make a blog post of that soon! Stay tuned!

Unfortunately I try to learn what I can in my lab, but both resources (compute, memory and storage), is limited, plus my access to products (Mainly VMware products) is limited, along with my access to licenses.

There is a solution to the software problem: a platform called VMUG Advantage. When you sign up for that, you get access to their EVALExperience program. Shortly said, with EVALExperience you get access to some of the VMware products, and you get a one year license for it. Which is great! I’m trying to save up for that, and any help is very much appreciated.

There’s another issue though: hardware. Currently, my lab is a license server. My trusty HP Proliant DL380G6. With two Xeon X5660s and 144GB of memory, plus 1TB of SSD storage and 4,32TB HDD storage, it’s a nice server. However, a lot of space is lost to what I run at home, leaving only about 30GB of memory for lab usage. Considering that according to a video on the VMware HOL YouTube channel by Doug Baer (which is recommend watching by the way), the average Hands on Lab is 72GB of memory, so it’s safe to say that most labs won’t fit on it. Sadly, I simply have no money for better gear. If you want to help with that, please contact me, any help is very much appreciated.

Now onto the HE Sage certification, I got my shirt a few weeks ago! I’m very happy to have it.

That was the update for now, feel free to email me for any questions.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!