Thoughts on the new VCP-VMC 2022 exam (and I passed!)

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VMware has launched a new certification. The VMware Cloud Professional – VMware Cloud 2022 certification (yes, that is a mouthful to say over Zoom). In short, let’s call it VCP-VMC 2022 for now.

It was first introduced in this post from VMware. This certificate aims to prove that the holder has sufficient knowledge of the different VMware Cloud offerings. Such as VMware Cloud on AWSVMware Cloud on Dell EMCGoogle Cloud VMware EngineAzure VMware Solution.. you get it.

I took the exam and passed on the first try, so I’m happy with that.

Of course, for obvious reasons, I won’t say what is in the exam. However, I can give my personal two cents on what I thought. Leveraging the public information about the exam, here is what I think of it myself:

The exam contains all questions you may expect someone to know when certified in “VMware Cloud.” It includes questions (as per the above-linked exam guide) about the different VMware Cloud solutions (VMC on AWS, VMC on Dell EMC, GCVE, AVS.. oh and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts) but also about some of the terminology specific to the respective cloud providers. This also shows that you have some knowledge about all the different hyperscalars that VMware is partnered with. Of course, you need to have your vSphere knowledge ready.

It also touches on other products, such as a few in the vRealize product suite and Tanzu. As Tanzu is getting more increasingly used, everyone must have experience with it to provide a more seamless administration experience. (aka, you don’t Google things every five minutes.. though we all have those days, right?) and, of course, VMware NSX. VMware NSX is getting more critical for more straightforward, software-defined networking. As all of these products are bundled into the VMware ecosystem, it makes sense to have these in there. Usually, when cloud providers are leveraged, you are probably using something like vRealize Operations Manager.

So what are my final thoughts? I think it’s a good exam. One where experience using the products helps instead of just hammering yourself with reading papers and documentation. The questions are in a way that you have to know the different products well to be labeled a “VMware Certified Professional.” That’s my take on this.

Now, why won’t you give it a try? Who knows! Thanks for reading!