Horizon 7.11 Deployment – Part 2: Requirements

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Hello readers,

Welcome to part two of the Horizon 7.11 deployment series. In this short post, we will go over what we will deploy in this series, what it is and in what part it will be deployed.

We will deploy the following:

  • Active Directory. (An ADDS server for our domain. This is a requirement that I will not go over. On request I may make a post about this.)
  • Horizon Connection Server. (This Connection Server will be the brain of our Horizon deployment. It will handle assignments, allocation, and management of desktops and RDSH servers.) – This will be deployed in Part 3.
  • Optional: Unified Access Gateway. (For my deployment, I want to be able to connect to a public IP from my /24 block, and access the Connection Server this way. Previously the Security Server was used for this.) – This will be deployed in Part 4.
  • Optional: a Remote Desktop Session Host. With this, one of the use cases is to allow users to connect to applications on the RDSH host. (I will just use this to experiment.) This will be deployed in Part 6.

In part 4, I will be going over a TechZone article and show you how to create a Windows 10 image that can be cloned easily to fit your deployment. For now, I will not go over View Composer. However, later in the series I will, once I’ve deployed a copy of this set-up as a lab. However, due to SSD space issues this may take a while. I may try to balance it in HDDs, but I have to be careful to avoid this insanity.

Currently busy with making the screenshots and writing the posts, they will be coming soon. I’ll see you in the next post.