How it feels to become a VMware Partner as a Startup

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Hi readers,

Today’s post will be about my experience with having a startup becoming a VMware Partner, where I will explain all the things that I encountered. Both good and bad, so here we go.

First of all during the sign-up process you pay a fee, this was $895 at the time of registering. Will I renew it? No. I will explain why.

To be able to do most managed service things, especially for things like VMware Cloud on AWS, you need to have multiple people get certificates. That is cost on top of the $895 already spent. If you were to need two people have the VCP-DCV cert, you’d already be looking at thousands of dollars and you’re not even there yet, you’re just eligible.

Not only that, but the market in The Netherlands is very dominated by one company and it’s very hard to get in between that. I tried, but no luck.

So am I extending it? Probably not. Unless things change a lot, I will be dropping out of this. For me, it’s not worth the low profit assuming there is any. There was an idea from me that people seemed to like after asking in some community Slack channels. However it’s not worth the over 3 grand it would cost me to get the eligibility with VMware to do this.

More posts will be coming soon. I’ve been very busy with my transition from man to woman.

Thanks for reading!