Moved from NSX-T back to NSX-V

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Hi everyone,

This post will be out about me moving back from NSX-T to NSX-V due to weird deploying issues.

NSX-V is no longer being developed, so this has caused me to try to migrate to the new NSX-T, however I moved back to NSX-V when my NSX-T Edge nodes started to fail. The Geneve tunnels to the ESXi host randomly started to stop working and asking on the VMTN NSX forums did not work either as I got no response after four days and I needed my virtual networking to work again, so I figured that it would be easier to migrate back to NSX-V until I reinstall ESXi on the host.

After that issue, I attempted to remove the Edge and redeploy it, however the deployment failed, the OVF deployment never made it to 1% or higher and it eventually times out. I tried to reinstall the NSX-T Manager as well as vCenter but that did not work sadly. (When I wanted to deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager using the ISO did not work either but directly deploying the OVA through vCenter did work. Though, deploying the NSX-V Controller and Edges did work, very odd.)

For now, I am back on NSX-V and it is all working fine. I will try to use NSX-T again when I reinstall ESXi on the physical host in the future as the install has been broken a few times and went through a lot of migrations and upgrades.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in the next post which will be about easy PowerCLI scripts to help migrating VMs around.