My experience with the VMC on AWS Guided Hands-On Workshop

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I have posted here. An update on what has been going on will follow soon, however, this post will be about my experience with the VMC on AWS Guided Hands-On Workshop I took as part of a VMUG.

I have to say, overall it went pretty good. This was the first time that they were doing this for a VMUG I believed they said, so keep this in mind.

Overall it went well, sometimes the presenter was a bit too fast, but I believe this was also because some people joined in after it already started. For me personally, I already have some experience with VMware Cloud on AWS, so for me it was at a good pace. Everything in VMware Cloud on AWS that we would work with, along with getting started on the product and buying it if your company is interested was explained in good detail.

It was fun getting experience again with an actual SDDC, and not just an ISM lab. Plus the ability to be able to ask questions was really helpful. I definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in VMware Cloud on AWS.

When, and if, there will be a public recording, I’ll ask if I may link it.

Stay safe everyone and see you in the next post!