New hard drive tomorrow and testing VMware Horizon (UPDATED 12/7/19)

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Hi readers,

Tomorrow I’m getting a 2TB drive that I can put in my server. I plan to use it for an apt mirror, and to run a test environment on it for VMware Horizon.

It has been a while since I have used VMware Horizon, so I hope that my memory won’t let me down. If it does, then there’s always the documentation… (and YouTube).

For a short while it will also be used for my to make screenshots of VMware tutorials that I write for Hetzner’s wiki. I’ve written a vCenter and NSX one, and I’m almost done with the screenshots for the vCenter PR. The NSX tutorial does not have a PR yet.

On that note, currently I am working on two blog posts. One is about my adventure with NSX, and the other post is about BGP, and how I peer with HE to use my own IPv6 subnet at home.

Stay tuned for that! I will update this blog post when the drive arrived and when it’s installed.

Thanks you for reading this post.

UPDATE 09/07/2019: Hard drive got delayed in shipping, have to wait another day.

UPDATE2 09/07/2019: ProLiant Dl380G6s and Seagate drives don’t work well.. Getting a new one on 12/07/2019

UPDATE 12/07/2019: The new drive (WD Blue) has arrived and it is working great!: