New HOL: CloudHealth by VMware

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In this post I’d like to shed some light onto a new HOL, which is all about CloudHealth.

For those who don’t know CloudHealth is used for, it’s used for cost management, automation, security among other uses for the Cloud. This not just the usual SDDC, but also Public Clouds, like Oracle, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, etc.

The HOL lab is a full ISM (Interactive Simulation?) lab, meaning it has no actual working VMs, but it does have an interactive page that you go through with explanations.

You can access the lab here, you will need a free VMware HOL account though.

This is what the main console of this ISM lab looks like:

And here is a screenshot of the interactive simulation:

Happy to see that CloudHealth has a lab now as well, even though it’s not that much.

VMware Hands on Labs are a great way of learning, even though whenever they make a new product (or buy a company) it can take quite some time before a HOL will be made about the product. I recommend Hands on Labs to anyone who wants to explore and/or learn VMware products, you can see the entire active catalog here.

I hope that this was useful to you, have a good day!