vExpert Pro and vExpert 2021 applications – What is a vExpert Pro? What do we do?

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As the vExpert 2021 Second Half applications open on June 7th and close on July 9th (click here for the latest schedule), I’d like to talk about what a vExpert Pro is and how they can help new applicants with their vExpert application.

Members of the vExpert Pro program are there to support new applicants with their application, give them advise on anything they can do to improve, and mentor new vExperts in their local communities.

VMware describes the vExpert Pro program as:
A vExpert Pro is a current vExpert who excels in their local region, adding value to the program and giving back to the community. This person has a strong relationship with the local IT community in general, and works as an advocate for the vExpert program, recruiting, mentoring and training people.

For me the good news is that I am also a vExpert Pro for the first time this year. And I hereby want to say that if you have any questions about the vExpert program, as an applicant or even if you are just curious, or are a current (or will be a new) vExpert and have questions and/or want mentorship, feel free to send me an email at michelle at masterwayz dot nl and I will help you as best as I can!

Have a great day!