VMC on AWS interest sheet

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Hello reader,

For a while I’ve been having an idea for an offering I have not been able to find anywhere. Currently, if you want to pay for VMware Cloud on AWS through a credit card, you have to pay $2000 up-front which expires after 60 days. Not everyone can do this, so this is where this comes in.

The idea is that you will be able to rent your own single node SDDC in a region of your choice, with a lower up-front fee. Right now the idea is that you will be given access to a dummy org, that an SDDC can be provisioned in just for you. Yours and yours only, and you will nearly have the same access, except you won’t be able to deploy or delete SDDCs, at least for the start. There may be an automated system coming where this will be possible, however first before I start to ask around further and work on things, I want to see how much interest there is.

Please whenever you have time, fill in the Google Form here so I get a better idea of what people would like with this.

Thank you and have a great day!