VMware Cloud Foundation – Part 0: Testing

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Hi readers,

Currently, I temporarily have access to a server with enough memory to run a Cloud Foundation lab until January 2nd 2020.

This gave me the inspiration to build a Cloud Foundation lab and tinker around with it, along with tinkering with an automatic lab deployment script called VLC (VCF Lab Constructor). This is a Powershell program designed to make it easy to deploy a nested (means: running Virtual Machines within Virtual Machines.) Cloud Foundation lab. This is not supported by anyone other than some communities, but it seems to work great for others so I wanted to give it a try.

Part one will be about the deployment using the script and what Cloud Foundation is exactly. So stay tuned!

There will be two more posts this year. A Christmas and New Year message, and in 2020 hopefully my AWS YouTube series, VMware Cloud Foundation, my move back to NSX-T and more!

Merry Christmas everyone and see you soon!