Self Service AWS VMC sign up is available – we did it!

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This post you are reading is a follow-up to the older post I made here: Ordering VMware Cloud on AWS through AWS as a private individual.

In that post, I talked about how you can consume the VMware Cloud on AWS service while getting billed to your AWS Billing account, meaning no $1000 credit card fee*, and you can use eligible credit for the service (note to specifically check for this as it is not default!)

The great news is that after some issue-hunting done by Troy Lindsay and me, and some extra time, AWS has now released a self-service portal located here, allowing you to sign up the easy way instead of the more difficult way I had to go through when I made the above listed post.

Do note that as of writing this post there is a major limitation. You will not be able to consume the extra Tanzu Mission Control Essentials offering that is now combined with a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC. From what I know, this is being worked on and I will update this post once this has been resolved!