VMware Hands on Labs: what is it?

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Hi everyone,

You may have heard me mention VMware Hands on Labs a few times, but what exactly is it?

VMware Hands on Labs allows you to test drive products within your browser, at no cost. With HOL, you can evaluate the features and functionality of VMware products without the need to have your own physical lab hardware.

If you browse through the catalog you will see that there is plenty of choices. Ranging from Getting Started with vSphere, to VMC on AWS, Cloud Foundation, PKS and even challenge and Odyssey labs. (Odyssey labs deserve their own blog post that will be posted later)

Now, you might think that they offer a lot in their lab catalogs, and they do! And I personally think that it’s great that they do so. You may be wondering how this all works on the backend. For this, a special blog post will be made later which I will link here once it’s up.

I hope that you will all give HOL a go, you can learn a lot from it and the contents it has.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in the next post.