More PowerCLI scripts to make life easier!

Hello! Inspired by my last blog post, here are more PowerCLI scripts to make life easier. Script one; get VMs on a specific host with a specific Port Group Script two; get VMs on a specific host with a specific Port Group and move them over to a new Port Group Note that the above […] →Read more

Easy PowerCLI script to help migrate VMs from one network to the other.

Hi everyone, In this post I am sharing a PowerCLI script that I made in order to easily migrate VMs from one network to the other. There are two versions of this script, one version has a hard-coded ESXi/vCenter instance, and the other one asks for the vCenter on each run. Version 1 (hard coded […] →Read more

Moved from NSX-T back to NSX-V

Hi everyone, This post will be out about me moving back from NSX-T to NSX-V due to weird deploying issues. NSX-V is no longer being developed, so this has caused me to try to migrate to the new NSX-T, however I moved back to NSX-V when my NSX-T Edge nodes started to fail. The Geneve […] →Read more

What it is like to have your own IPv6 and IPv4 space

Hey everyone, As some of you know, I have my own IPv4 and IPv6 subnet, along with my own Autonomous System Number, in my case AS208751. I am not a LIR (Local Internet Registry, you can read more about that here.) myself, so I had to get a sponsoring LIR to request my ASN. Once […] →Read more

A much needed personal and VMware lab update

Hello everyone, Here’s an update on both my personal and lab situation. First of all, thank you for the few that have send me an email giving some advise and such. It is very much appreciated. Luckily, I am now able to go to a place where I get to work with servers and networking. […] →Read more

Creating YouTube videos and more lab space

Hello readers, Welcome to my new blog post, in this post I’ll be sharing some ideas that I had. For the past few weeks I have been thinking of creating posts about setting up a nested ESXi lab with NSX and vSAN. I thought to myself: “Why not make both a blog post and a […] →Read more

Update: Life, school, HE Sage and VMUG Advantage

Hi everyone, Sorry for the quietness. As you might have noticed, I deleted the blog posts relating to the VMware Horizon Lab setup. I did this because I felt like it was poorly written and I was never able to finish it. Here is an update that has been pending for a while. I no […] →Read more

HE Sage Certification

Hi readers, This post will be all about Hurricane Electric their IPv6 certifications. Myself, I recently got the Sage certifications (currently waiting for my shirt to be delivered) and I learned a lot from it. There are different levels of the certifications. You have practical questions, where you have to setup IPv6 on your server, […] →Read more

IRL: Breaking heat records in The Netherlands

Hi readers, As some of you may know, I am from The Netherlands. Where I live, up in the northern area of The Netherlands, it is 37°C while I am writing this post. Some weather stations in the country have recorded 40 °C , which has never been seen before in our country. Currently I […] →Read more

Adding a static route to ESXi

Hi readers, This short post will be about how I had to set-up a static route on ESXi to my VPN subnet. My setup is as follows: I have an ESXi server in DC1, and a ESXi server at home. The Home ESXi server has vCenter and vRealize Operations Manager on it. My goal was […] →Read more