Horizon 7.11 Deployment – Part 5: Windows 10 Desktop Image (refers to TechZone for now, video coming soon!)

Hi everyone, Sadly during server maintenance, the contents of this blog posts were corrupted. For now, I will link you all to a TechZone article that explain you what to do. A video on this will be coming soon once I get to it. My apologies! →Read more

VMware Purple Screen of Death troubleshooting for random crashes with disk errors in the homelab.

Hi everyone, Time for a new blog post about the adventure I’ve been having for the past two days. On June 2nd, my server, a DL380G6 started to suddenly take-off. The fans were roaring at 70%, and the temperature sensor near the PCI Riser was showing 110 C. Of course this is not supposed to […] →Read more

My current lab [Updated June 4th 2020)

Hi all! This post will be about the current state (05/20/2020 06/04/2020) of my home lab. Please keep in mind that I also have two ESXi hosts that I rent from a datacenter in Germany that I partially use for my home lab (though they are nowhere near as powerful as my home server). Here […] →Read more

Sponsored VMUG Advantage! & what is it?

Hi everyone, A few days ago, I was surprised with a Twitter DM from the VMUG Advantage Twitter account. It turns out, that secretly, Heath Johnson from VMware has been in touch with the VMUG Advantage team about me without telling me. I’m not sure how he managed to pull it off, but VMUG Advantage […] →Read more

Allow unsupported CPUs when upgrading/installing ESXi 7.0 (updated 10022020)

Hi everyone, Here’s a quick tip for the home lab people with old servers that can’t afford to get new hardware (like me). It seems like that you can override the installer terminating when an unsupported CPU is detected. What you need to do, is when booting from the ESXi ISO, press SHIFT+O, and type […] →Read more

Software review: 4K Video Downloader

Hi everyone, In this post I’d like to make a highlight of a piece of software I have been using called 4K Video Downloader. This program is very useful to download videos from sites such as YouTube and Twitch. However, it can download from many more and even playlists! You can get started with the […] →Read more

Quietness: COVID-19, self-isolation and depression

Hi everyone, You may have noticed that my blog has gone very quiet recently. For who asked, I didn’t make it into the vExpert 2020 program. On a more recent note: COVID-19 is getting a real challenge. Right now I sit at home, in self-isolation and things are very, very boring. For now I’m still […] →Read more

Horizon 7.11 Deployment – Part 4: Deploying & Configuring Unified Access Gateway Appliance

Hi readers, In this part of the series, we will be deploying the VMware Horizon Unitied Access Gateway Appliance. It’s similar to the old Horizon Security server, and I myself mainly use it so I can connect to my Horizon connection server from a public IP address. (from my /24 block) First what we do […] →Read more

Horizon 7.11 Deployment – Part 3: Deploying & Configuring Connection Server

Hi readers, In this third part of the series, we will be deploying the Connection Server., the base of the Horizon package. First, we will need a server or virtual machine running Windows Server 2012 or higher. The OS requirement is simple (source): Operating System Version Edition Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit Standard Enterprise […] →Read more

Horizon 7.11 Deployment – Part 2: Requirements

Hello readers, Welcome to part two of the Horizon 7.11 deployment series. In this short post, we will go over what we will deploy in this series, what it is and in what part it will be deployed. We will deploy the following: Active Directory. (An ADDS server for our domain. This is a requirement […] →Read more